PEAT is an interpersonal self-help method for extremely fast and efficient removal of your problems. For faster results it uses specific acupressure points on the head for activating the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

Its founder Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski calls it a spiritual technology enabling you to transcend the dualistic consciousness in which you live and efficiently resolve your emotional, psychological and fundamental life problems.

This is done in a short period of time and in most cases it can be measured in minutes.

My favourite PEAT methods are DP2, DP4 and Deep PEAT.


DP2 is an amazing, quick and efficient method perfect for you if you are too much in your intellect or too much in your emotions.

We start with a problem and uncover deeper contents underlying your starting problem. When we get to the real, deeper cause of your problem, we integrate it. The problem vanishes, usually permanently. I find it so interesting how, after they integrate the cause of their problems, everyone starts feeling pleasant emotions – peace, love, gratitude, joy. Which are actually our main emotions, our essence. Underneath all the $hit we “collect”, underneath us is such beauty, pureness and light.

I love this method. I call it quick fix and I use it every time some unpleasant emotion or thought comes that bothers me and I don’t have time to do other methods.

This method is so simple (yet genius), that I always teach my clients how to do it themselves.


DP4 is another amazing method we use for:

  • integrating your shadow
  • removing “flaws” and installing “virtues”
  • clearing money blocks
  • removing intensive emotions connected to breakups or losing your loved ones

    ….and much more. It’s genius basically. 🙂


In my favourite process – Deep PEAT – we integrate your main unconscious game. This is a game you have been playing between your main 2 polarities, your personal codes.

For example, my main unconscious game was disappointment vs joy. Every time I would feel joy about something, quite fast I would get disappointed. After I integrated these polarities, this stopped happening! 🙌🏼 I was finally in control over these emotions and they were no longer controlling me.

Other polarity examples with my clients were: peace – unrest, love – fear, I deserve – I don’t deserve, relief – stress, inspiration – anger (this was an interesting one), love – sadness, etc.

Do you know what your main unconscious game is?

Love, peace & unity,
Anamarija Ferrari
Personal Growth Coach certified in PEAT and FAIR transformational methods

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