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  • ...limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, self-sabotage and everything that is blocking you from being your true self.

  • ...your "flaws" into virtues. Embrace your shadow, remove your inner critic, become gentle and loving towards yourself.

  • ...relationship with yourself and everyone around you. Transform your reality and manifest everything your heart desires.

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Hello, I am Anamarija Ferrari, the founder of Everything Aligned. I found my calling in helping people feel better and manifest the magical life of their dreams. I'm certified in PEAT and FAIR transformational techniques, which I use to help you remove anything that bothers you and blocks you, so you can align with your true self and amazing life.

After curing my health issues and manifesting my dream life by fixing my emotional state and changing my limiting beliefs, I realised how powerful our emotions and beliefs are. They are affecting everything in our life, from health to relationships and the reality we live in. I quit my job as a marketing manager and devoted the next couple of years to learning and applying various healing, transformational and manifestation methods, from clinical psychology, psychotherapy, autogenic training, hypnotherapy, Chinese medicine, NLP, EFT and shamanism to my favourite PEAT and FAIR transformational techniques. I managed to completely change the reality I live in and now I am helping you to do the same! Let’s get everything aligned in your life!


  • Maggie – Friday Harbor, WA, USA

    When I met with the beautiful Anamarija I had no idea that she would change my life in the way she did. I knew I had some healing to do but I didn't know where to start. I have had a very soft voice for many years and always have had a hard time creating boundaries for myself with others. I had a hard time sharing my truth and sharing with others about my experience. After one visit with Anamarija I found my voice. We went through the 60 minute session and I released so much fear and anxiety that I had been holding on to and was totally unaware of why. After releasing this I have been able to use my voice and express myself. It has helped my life emsensly I am a stronger version of myself and I am reaching my goals much quicker with a new confidence. I am looking forward to booking my next sessions with Anamarija as I want to heal as much as possible with her positive energy and grounded guidance. I am so beyond grateful and I am still blown away at the healing that happened in only one session. Thank you so much for empowering me and shifting my perspective. I am forever grateful for this healing.

  • Anja – Zagreb, Croatia

    Through working with Anamarija, I have experienced a deep inner transformation. Anamarija embraces your every pain with so much warmth and understanding. She helped me to let go of the dust of the past from my wings and fly to infinite freedom without blockages. I feel now like new, aligned...real Anja. I have no words to thank her enough.

  • Iyowuna – London, UK

    Anamarija helped me move through one of the earliest, most traumatic experiences in my life. Doing a session has helped me with some of the mental blocks caused by this trauma. She is a great listener with a great technique to leave past experiences behind and move forward with life. I highly recommend you get in touch with her as she is one of a kind.

  • Christina Maria – Vienna, Austria

    Ana taught me how to deal with panic attacks, chest tightness and helped me to get rid of them. Ana is very involved and is a real support, which I would recommend to everyone! She showed me the right path, and that is the path to myself. Thank you Ana!

  • Monika – Zagreb, Croatia

    Anamarija helped me gain a new perspective resulting with positive changes already the next day! She helped me release emotions attached to childhood traumas, financial situation and other aspects I wasn't even aware of. She is a great guide. I started manifesting my better self and my better life 💖

  • Ivan – Zagreb, Croatia

    Ana helped me with several situations and traumas. Various techniques she uses allow her to help you within just a few hours and sometimes minutes, depending on the type of issue you are trying to work through. She managed to help me embrace some traumatising moments from my past. Now, when I think about them I no longer have negative and uncomfortable emotions, but I feel grateful for the lessons learned. She also helped me to remove my allergies! Thank you Ana.

  • Ines – Zagreb, Croatia

    I came to Anamarija out of pure curiosity. When she explained to me what we were going to do at the session, I felt a dose of skepticism, but I decided to give in, whatever it was. Already after the first treatment, changes began. I quit my old job, went into my own business, and kept seeing her to allay the fears that were holding me back. All in all I can say that this young woman has a big heart, a happy smile and eyes full of understanding. And what’s best is the techniques we used really work and change old frames and patterns. Thank you very much, dear Anamarija, I look forward to further cooperation.

  • Lea – Split, Croatia

    Ana helped me heal one of my childhood emotional traumas in just one session! I noticed I am no longer carrying any discomfort in my heart and body when I think about it today. She is calm, intuitive and gently leading a person towards one's own healing. Her techniques are simple and clear. Combined with her warm personality and supportiveness, she feels very safe and easy to open up to and collaborate with. 💓

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